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The Advanced Interactive Technologies Lab is an Human Computer Interaction (HCI) research group within the Departement of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, led by Prof. Dr. Otmar Hilliges. The group is jointly affiliated with the  Institute of Visual Computing and the Institute of Pervasive Computing. Our research focuses on the intersection of human computer interaction, emerging input sensing technologies, signal processing, computer graphics and applied computer vision.

Below we provide some examples related to game research.

AIT Project Preview

In-air Gestures Around Unmodified Mobile Devices

We present a novel machine learning based algorithm extending the interaction space around mobile devices. Our algorithm robustly recognizes a wide range of in-air gestures, supporting user variation, and varying lighting conditions. Read more

AIT Project Preview

Type-Hover-Swipe in 96 Bytes: A Motion Sensing Mechanical Keyboard

We present a new type of augmented mechanical keyboard, capable of sensing rich and expressive motion gesturesperformed both on and directly above the device. Read more

AIT Project Preview

Steerable augmented reality with the beamatron

Steerable displays use a motorized platform to orient a projector to display graphics at any point in the room.
We contribute the Beamatron, which advances steerable displays by drawing on recent progress in depth camera-based interactions. Read more

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