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The research of the Sensory-Motor Systems Lab focuses on the study of human sensory-motor control, the design of novel mechatronic machines, and the investigation and optimisation of human-machine interaction. Main application areas are the fields of rehabilitation and sports.

Below we provide some examples related to game research.

SMS Project Preview


The Cybathlon is a championship for racing pilots with disabilities (i.e. parathletes) who are using advanced assistive devices including robotic technologies. Read more

SMS Project Preview

Arm Rehabilitation (ARMin)

We developed the rehabilitation robot ARMin to assist the training of arm movements.To further enhance patience motivation and participation, we are exploring the role of social interaction in serious gaming. Read more

SMS Project Preview


Serious games based cognitive rehabilitation aims to leverage the motivational advantages of games to aid cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive training of healthy elderly persons, persons with mild cognitive impairment, and persons with early dementia. Read more


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